Laying Out the Room: CS Event Tips

When it comes to large, open spaces, there are a variety of options for laying out the space. For instance: where does the food go? How many tables should be out, and how should they be arranged? Does there need to be a dance floor? What could you possibly be forgetting?

When working with clients who are trying to come up with a good layout for their space, it’s important to keep a few key questions in mind. Once you have the answers, the rest will just fall into place!

CenterStage Events Venue - Gallatin, TN
  • Question One: What is the purpose of your event?

    • Are you hosting a wedding? A quinceanera? A bridal shower? A silent auction and fundraiser? The function of the event space depends entirely on the overall purpose of the space for the event. If you’re hosting a wedding or a quinceanera, a dance floor might be in your layout. Bridal or baby shower? You’re going to want to have a nice centrally-located table for gifts! Fundraiser? You want to make sure the room has good flow so that guests are able to walk around and see the items available!

  • Question Two: What is the size of your event?

    • For larger events, we recommend a simplified layout - one area for food and drink and one area for dining. With large events, you want to make sure the space is uniform and easy to move around - using the same size tables, putting the same number of chairs at each table, and having them oriented in similar ways will keep the space from getting congested or confusing. With smaller events, however, it’s important to ensure that the table layout fills the space without seeming too spread out. With these events, we recommend setting up food stations in different areas of the room; for instance, a drink table along the left back wall, desserts on the right back wall, and a buffet with all main courses on the left side of the space. Arranging the space in such a way encourages guests to move from spot to spot and instantly makes the room feel more full.

  • Question Three: What is the feel of your event?

    • Clients regularly ask for my recommendation in which room layout will work best to create the right kind of “party atmosphere.” Are you trying to encourage people to move around and bid on items? The key is to keep the space from becoming too crowded and difficult to navigate! Do you want a jumpin’ dance floor? You’ll want to make sure you have a space that is large enough to hold a crowd of people while making sure it’s not big enough to feel intimidating. For showers, folks often want to set up a focal point (a balloon arch or a gorgeous photo backdrop) where gifts can be placed and opened.

CenterStage Events Venue - Gallatin, TN

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